How to turn off animations in Firefox

I can’t bear having something moving on a web page. It just distracts my attention while I’m reading. Here’s how to disable most of animations in Firefox: Open about:config page, set image.animation_mode to none. This will disable gif animation. Disable blinking. On about:config page, set browser.blink_allowed to false. Now <blink> tag doesn’t blink anymore. Disable […]

How I configure Windows XP

Here’s how I configure Windows XP: Remove Internet and E-mail from Start menu. Right click on Start menu, select Properties | Start Menu tab | click Customize button, uncheck Internet and E-mail. I use keyboard to start web browser and email client. In Customize Start Menu dialog select Advanced tab. Turn off My Music, My […]

March 2008 AusPost rates

New Post Charges Booklet is online on Australia Post web site. Oddly enough, postage rates for parcels inside Australia didn’t change at all. International rates have increased by about 3%. It used to cost you $58.50 to send 2 kg parcel to United Kingdom by Air Mail before. Now it costs $60.35. Summary Local rates […]