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Import from Microsoft Word to ScrewTurn Wiki

This add-on allows you to import MS Word documents into ScrewTurn Wiki. ScrewTurn Wiki is a great open source wiki based on ASP.NET.




How to install

Make sure you have ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0. I suggest to try importer on test installation first.

Unzip and copy files to your ScrewTurn Wiki installation:

How to use

  1. Open <your-wiki-URL>/ImportWord.aspx in browser
  2. Enter page title
  3. Select Word document (should be in 2007 or 2010 format)
  4. Click Import button

You should see imported page. Existing content gets overwritten (but you can revert it back).

If images get imported as .emf files you need to cut them in Word and paste back as pictures.

Version History


Open source. License is dual: GNU and MIT.


Feedback always welcome