Monthly Archives: February 2012

Far Manager and Quotes

Far Manager has two keyboard shortcuts to copy file name to clipboard:

  • Ctrl+Ins copies selected file name
  • Alt+Shift+Ins copies full path to selected file

These shortcuts also work if multiple files are selected which is great for creating batch renames.

Let’s say file name contains spaces. In this case Far Manager adds quotes around file name. Supposedly this saves time if you construct some command line somewhere. Personally I find this totally unnecessary. I can add quotes myself, thank you very much.

Here’s how to disable this behaviour:

  1. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Far2\System
  2. Create QuotedName as DWORD value
  3. Set it to 1

Official documentation for this feature is a bit obscure:

File or folder names, containing characters specified in rule  34,  will
be quoted when inserted into the editor/command line or the clipboard.
The key "System/QuotedName" of DWORD type controls this behaviour.
  0 - if set then file or folder names will be quoted inserted into
      the editor/command line.
  1 - if set then file or folder names will be quoted inserted into
      the clipboard.
The default value = 0xFFFFFFFF (quote file or folders names).

I think you need to be a developer to understand this.

Note two similar shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Enter copies selected file name to command line
  • Ctrl+F copies full path

For this auto-quoting is actually useful, therefore I set QuotedName to 1, not 0.