Monthly Archives: August 2018

How I Tripled the Number of Sales

I released version 25.5 of Safe Vision app in the beginning of July with these 2 changes:

  1. Parents are now able to choose to pay to pay monthly for the premium subscription ($2.99 per month).

  2. When the premium trial finishes Amazon starts charging money automatically, unless the parent cancels the trial.

Previously the premium trial worked like this: John is a parent. He opens Safe Vision app and taps ‘Start Trial’ button. The trial starts immediately, without any confirmation. After 7-day trial the app reverts to the free mode.

John taps ‘Subscribe with Amazon 1-click’ button. John confirms he wants to start paid subscription and chooses monthly plan. John likes premium features of the app. He doesn’t cancel trial subscription. After 7 days Amazon charges $2.99 from his credit card.

This tweak tripled the number of sales!

The chart show number of sales each week.

It makes sense: previously parents had to remember to go back to the app and subscribe. It was easy to decide that their child can use the app without premium features. Now it’s easier to just keep using premium subscription.

The app has received a 1-star review on Amazon recently:

Would not let me create an account. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice with the same results.

This is embarrassing. I’m going to go back and improve reliability of the app back-end. Unfortunately Amazon provides no way to contact the person that left feedback directly.

Also I started a blog on Safe Vision website. Here are the first 2 posts: