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Abandoning Press And PR

I tried to promote Safe Vision app by asking bloggers to review it. I got some reviews where I paid to the blogger in exchange for review (here’s an example) but I didn’t see a lot of traffic from those reviews.

Most of my clients are coming from Amazon App Store so I decided to focus my time and energy on improving the app itself.

Key Metrics

More people installed the app in July but I’m not sure why. (As a reminder acquisition means a parent installed the app and signed up for an account.)

The activation rate is still at around 30% – I’d like to increase it by improving design.

I have 1,800 active premium subscribers now.

I’m getting around 50 new premium subscribers per week now – woo-hoo!

Also, Safe Vision app has 193 reviews on Amazon now. I offer free 1 year subscription in exchange for an honest review on Amazon – that’s why that number grows so quickly. Most reviews are positive – the average rating is 4.4 stars now:


I finally calculated the monthly churn rate (using Power BI):

6% of all premium subscribers cancelled their subscription in July 2019. I think that number is too high. It means that in one year more than half of premium subscribers would leave.

I spoke to one of the clients and she told me that she has cancelled her premium subscription because the app was not as easy to use for her child as YouTube or YouTube Kids apps.

Also, here’s a recent review from Google Play store:

The app looks promising, I can allow my kids (who loves music) to watch videos that are safe for kids but are blocked on other kids apps. But this app still need to get better. Interface is not so much child friendly, my kid gets frustrated how he cannot change easily from one video to another and just go back to YTKids. It should have the choice to set auto play and all unblocked videos should show on related videos and not only the ones from same channel.

I’m going to hire a professional designer to improve user experience (UX) of the app.