Monthly Archives: March 2019

Improving User Onboarding in Safe Vision app

I made some changes to improve user onboarding in Safe Vision app. Now the app asks the parent to unlock channels based on age range first and then prompts them to add channels to the Home page: (click for a larger image)
I conducted more user testing sessions using website and I’m happy to report that 4 users out of 4 were able to set up the app. None of them got stuck or confused. Recent key metrics:
(As a reminder acquisition means a parent installed the app and signed up for an account. Activation – child watched at least 10 videos on the same or the next day after installed the app. Retention – child watched at least 5 videos 2 or 3 days after installed the app.) This chart shows how many people started premium subscription trial week by week:
On average 35 people start premium trial per week. I also changed design of Safe Vision website, which was long overdue:
I also published a new blog post, written by freelance writer Casey Brown: Is YouTube Safe for Kids?