Monthly Archives: July 2023

Business update – stopped doing Facebook ads

Here’s another update on how my business is doing.

Key Metrics

I noticed that I stopped learning from my clients so I stopped Facebook advertising. I was paying about $1.80 per install so it wasn’t sustainable anyway.

The app has about 40 daily active users and 30 premium subscribers.

I keep hiring writers for the Trail Navigator Victoria blog. I use the Airtasker website for that.

The number of visitors coming from Google Search is not growing, unfortunately. This chart shows number of clicks from Google per day:

My biggest challenge right now is getting feedback from my clients to understand how to make the app better. I sent a survey to 100 people using in-app support chat and got zero response. I also sent emails to people that installed the app and signed up for an account but nobody responded. My next idea is to talk to people I meet on the hikes – to understand their frustrations when it comes to planning and going on a walk.