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Dealing With 1-Star Reviews

Safe Vision app has 67 reviews on Amazon App Store now. The average rating is 4 stars.

I took a closer look at 1-star reviews, not just on Amazon but also on Apple and Google Play app stores. The common theme is parents feel that the app does not provide enough value in free mode:

  • Pointless and pricey. Limited videos and they want you to pay monthly to unlock the videos your kids want to watch.
  • You can not use channel for allowed videos in free version, 10 videos per day can be added …
  • Rubbish just wants you to spend money!
  • It over blocks. It seems to block about everything, whether it needs to or not.
  • Not for older kids – most of the videos are for toddlers or preschoolers. You also have to pay to customizing videos.

So I decided to let parents to unlock up to 5 channels in free mode. I also removed limitation of unlocking 10 videos per day. I’m going to make it an experiment: I expect that activation rate will increase and the number of new premium subscribers won’t drop.

Recent key metrics:

(Acquisition means a parent installed the app and signed up for an account.\
Activation: a child watched at least 10 videos on the same or the next day after installed the app. Retention: a child watched at least 5 videos day after installed or the next day.)

I think downloads (acquisitions) increased recently because the app has a better image on Amazon App Store:

A huge thank you to Keith for helping me with design for new image.

Someone asked me how many paying users I have now. I don’t track this because I read in a book that this is a ‘vanity metric’. But I checked and right now there are 526 active premium subscribers. Churn rate for November 2018 is about 7%.

I have received $787 USD from Amazon for October 2018, yay!