Monthly Archives: December 2022

New App – Trail Navigator Victoria

I’m working on a new mobile app now – Trail Navigator Victoria. It helps people that love walking in nature to explore the best walks in Victoria, Australia.

This is how the idea for the app was born: we would go for a walk with our children. We would often miss a turn or take a wrong turn and would have to go back. Also, kids would ask me all the time ‘How much further?’ and I didn’t have the answer.

Initially I wanted the app to help to create a route and then follow it but after talking to some potential clients I noticed that people are interested in good, pre-defined routes. So I created an app that shows a map of Victoria with walks as pins on the map:

I released the app in November 2021.

I’m getting about 150 downloads per week:

I’m running ads on Facebook and Google to get those installs.

The app is free but it has an optional paid premium subscription. It allows you to:

  • Use the app offline
  • Get an alert if you stray away from the route for more than 100 meters
  • Get rid of ads

At the moment I have 6 premium subscribers. The ads brought just $3 for December.

My goal is to bring the revenue from the app to at least $100 per month by the end of 2023.

You can get the app from Trail Navigator Victoria website.