Command History in Far Manager

Far Manager has powerful suppport for command history. ConEmu author even suggests using Far Manager with panels turned off instead of standard command prompt. Ctrl+E gives you previous command entered. You can press it multiple times to get older entries. Ctrl+X moves you forward in the history. Press Alt+F8 to view command history in the […]

Far Manager and Console Output

One of the strongest features of Far Manager is the ability to start any program or script from command prompt. You can type anything there, just like in standard command prompt. Ctrl+Enter shortcut greatly helps here – it inserts selected file name to command prompt (Ctrl+F inserts full path). If you launch a console program […]

How to open HTML files with Visual Studio from Far Manager

Occasionally I want to edit plain HTML file in Visual Studio. You know, those files with .htm or .html extension. Normally pressing Enter in Far Manager opens them in a browser. This is what I want most of the time, so let’s keep it. Idea: let’s use F4 key to open file in Visual Studio. […]

Detaching Far Manager from long-running process on Windows 7

Occasionally I launch a program from Far Manager that takes very long to complete. Normally you can use Ctrl+Alt+Tab to “detach” Far from a running process. Technical note #27 explains this well: If a long-running process (for example, archiving) was run in a FAR console, and for some reasons this very instance of FAR is needed […]

How to safely remove USB flash drive with Far Manager

Do you have one of these: When you finish copying files from and to your USB flash drive you need to safely remove it, otherwise you risk losing data. Normally you do this by clicking icon with green arrow in system tray: You can do the same with Far Manager. Open drive menu (Alt+F1 or […]

Enhancement to launching PowerShell scripts from Far Manager

The method of launching PowerShell scripts from Far Manager I have described previously has 2 important drawbacks: You can’t pass arguments to the script, and You can’t launch script in a separate window Here’s how to fix this: Start regedit, open HKCR\Microsoft.PowerShellScript.1\shell\Open\command key Set it to “C:\WINDOWS\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe” “-file” “%1” %* Now you can press Shift+Enter […]

How to open .docx and .xlsx files from Far Manager

If you try to open Office 2007 document (.docx or .xlsx) in Far Manager it will simply open them as a ZIP archive. Clearly, that’s not what you want. Here’s how to fix it: Go to Commands › File association. Create a new association by pressing Ins. Enter *.doc;*.docx;*.xlsx;*.pptx as a mask. Enter @”!.!” as […]

Middle-click in Far Manager 2

In Far Manager 1.70 you could browse folders with mouse wheel. Rotating wheel would scroll up and down. Middle-click would open a folder. But version 2.0 disables middle-click. Boo! Never take away features from users. Fortunately it’s very easy to restore this functionality: Launch [C:\Program Files\Far2\Addons\Macros\MiddleClickAsEnter.reg]. If you don’t have this folder re-install Far and […]

How to change Far Manager’s font and window size

Freshly installed Far Manager looks um… small: Here’s how to make its window bigger: Right-click on the window title, select Properties Switch to Font tab Select a bigger font. I prefer raster font 10 x 18. (optional) Switch to Layout tab and change window size there. I leave it as 80 x 25.