jQuery BBQ plugin and Internet Explorer 7

Remember the problem with jQuery BBQ plugin in Internet Explorer 7? It’s not really a problem, just a minor glitch but let’s fix it anyway.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open BBQ demo in Internet Explorer
  2. Click Next button few times
  3. Open history menu


No page titles, just URLs. Definitely it would be nice to see photo numbers there.

First, let’s see how Asual jQuery Address fix this problem:

_title = _d.title = value;
if (_juststart && _frame && _frame.contentWindow && 
    _frame.contentWindow.document) {
    _frame.contentWindow.document.title = value;
    _juststart = FALSE;

Aha! For IE7 you need to set title of the hidden iframe in addition to setting document title. So this is how you set page title:

document.title = "New title";
var iframe = $("iframe:hidden");
if (iframe.length > 0 && iframe[0].contentWindow && iframe[0].contentWindow.document)
  iframe[0].contentWindow.document.title = "New title";

Updated demo should work correctly in Internet Explorer 7.

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