Going Strong and Churn

I started tracking the number of new subscribers recently:

Each column shows the number of people that started the free trial of Safe Vision premium subscription on a particular week. The record week was in September: 48 new subscribers!

As you can see the numbers increased around July and still going strong. That’s when I changed the app to renew trial subscription automatically, unless the parent cancels it.

Since then I made the similar change to iOS and Google Play versions of the app. I got 2 new subscribers on each platform from beginning of October 2018. The vast majority of my clients are coming from Amazon App Store so I’m going to concentrate my efforts there.

I also checked my churn:

Each column shows the number of parents that let their premium subscription to expire on a given week. The only way this could happen now is to cancel auto-renew of the subscription. Most of the cancellations are the parents that cancel their trial subscription.

The numbers are quite high – I’m going to keep improving the app in order to reduce them.

And here are recent key metrics:

(Acquisition means a parent installed the app and signed up for an account.\
Activation: a child watched at least 10 videos on the same or the next day after installed the app. Retention: a child watched at least 5 videos day after installed or the next day.)

I posted one more article on Safe Vision blog: Guided Access to the Rescue: Using Your Apple iPad’s Built-In Time Limit Function to Manage Your Kids’ Device Use.

Also, Samantha published review of Safe Vision app on her blog ‘Journey to SAHM’: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online.

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