Improved App Description

I asked Lianna to improve description of Safe Vision app on app stores.


Parental control app for YouTube videos. Safe Vision helps parents control what their children can watch on YouTube. Let your children enjoy their favorite YouTube channels without your supervision. The app is safe for your kids to use without your constant attention. Safe Vision offers you as the parent all the videos that are currently on YouTube. Then, you can pick and choose what your child views. Only the channels you approve can be watched. You can choose exactly what YouTube channels your kids can view content from.


Sex. Violence. Swearing. Nudity. Inappropriate videos are all over YouTube… and until now, there was no YouTube video control app that TRULY let you shield your kids from the wrong content. Safe Vision for Amazon Fire tablets is a simple, easy-to-use app for parents who want to protect their kids on YouTube. ????? “I love the control I have as a parent with this app. Being able to add or remove programs my kids can watch is amazing!! YouTube Kids can be very inappropriate at times and this allows my kids to watch without me worrying!”
– Happy Safe Vision Subscriber Other parental control apps use a “blacklist” function, meaning you have to block inappropriate videos or channels one by one. Unfortunately, that approach means you and your kids are still in for a nasty surprise when inappropriate videos inevitably come up. Safe Vision is the only app for YouTube Kids on Amazon Fire tablets that gives you TRUE control over what your kids watch — so you can actually keep out the bad stuff. ????? “Basically, on this app you start off with everything blocked and you have to ‘add’ each video/channel in. The ‘recommendation’ feature on regular ‘youtubekids’ app is not on this app and that is perfect for parents who want significant control over what videos their kids can watch. I can screen kids’ videos and channels on my own YouTube and then add in to my child’s app as I see appropriate. I did the free trial first and was happy after a week of use and decided it was worth the money.”
– Happy Safe Vision Subscriber “Full parental control for YouTube with a granular level. I can set age range to five to seven, but if I don’t want my child to watch, say, Peppa Pig then I can just turn that off. A really granular, easy to set up application. Something that’s going to give you peace of mind.”
– Luke Safe Vision’s simple Parent Mode interface allows you to:
  • “Whitelist” age-appropriate channels — Approve and add channels one by one instead of blocking inappropriate channels as you go. No more “shock and block”!
  • Leave your kids alone to watch without worrying — Instead of hovering over them to make sure they’re not seeing bad content
  • Access watched video history — so you know exactly which videos were viewed
  • Control how long kids watch — Just set daily screen time limits on your Parent Mode dashboard

I think the new description is much better however it didn’t increase the number of weekly downloads by much:
Acquisition means a parent installed the app and signed up for an account. Activation – a child watched at least 10 videos. Retention – a child watched at least 5 videos on the next day or day after. I also migrated back-end server to a more powerful machine so the app should be faster now. I asked few bloggers to review Safe Vision app. One of them graciously agreed, here is the review: Ty’s Safe Vision YouTube review


This chart shows number of parents that have cancelled their premium subscription week by week.

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