Business Update – low retention, growing traffic

Here’s a quick update on how it’s all coming along.

Key Metrics

As a reminder, acquisitions is the number of people that installed the app. Activation count is how many of those people opened a walk in the app on the same day. Retention is the number of users that opened a walk in the app in 1 week or later.

Retention rate is still low – around 13%. I think I need to figure out how to make my app more “sticky”. Do you have any ideas?

Premium Subscribers

?This chart shows how many people started a free trial premium subscription, week by week.

In the end of November I changed the app to let people see their current location on the map without premium subscription. My idea was that more people would use the app regularly and more people would subscribe to premium. Then, for 7 weeks starting from February there was just one new trial subscriber. That’s when I freaked out and reverted the change.

Web Traffic

?The number of visitors to the Trail Navigator Victoria website is growing.

Orange columns are the number of visitors from Australia, week by week. For each week, the chart also shows how many of those visitors installed the app.

The majority of traffic is coming from Google search. Here are the top search queries for the past 28 days:

dandenong ranges loop35
yellow gum circuit26
red bluff lookout13
yellow gum circuit track13
canyon walk bright10
mount beauty gorge walk10
mount difficult8
chute road and mount macedon circuit8
gold heritage walk7
camels hump and sanatorium lake7

My goal is to increase the number of visitors and the install ratio. At the moment, about 6% of people who visit the Trail Navigator website install the app.


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