My Experience with Vipassana Meditation

I did 10-day Vipassana meditation course in July 2012. Meditation centre was located in Woori Yallock – small town near Melbourne. First of all, my notion of meditation was shattered there. In my mind, meditation was sitting quietly and relaxing, something like this: Well you do sit quietly but it is not relaxing at all, […]

Far Manager and Console Output

One of the strongest features of Far Manager is the ability to start any program or script from command prompt. You can type anything there, just like in standard command prompt. Ctrl+Enter shortcut greatly helps here – it inserts selected file name to command prompt (Ctrl+F inserts full path). If you launch a console program […]

March 2008 AusPost rates

New Post Charges Booklet is online on Australia Post web site. Oddly enough, postage rates for parcels inside Australia didn’t change at all. International rates have increased by about 3%. It used to cost you $58.50 to send 2 kg parcel to United Kingdom by Air Mail before. Now it costs $60.35. Summary Local rates […]