Key Metrics July – October 2017

Here are key metrics from past 4 months (click for a larger image):

Most of the downloads are from Amazon App Store. I figured out how to rank high enough when people search for ‘YouTube kids’ there. Right now Safe Vision app is number 12 in search results.

Right now I’m working on improving activation rate. Currently around 30% of people that install the app watch at least 10 videos on the same or the next day. This means that many people decide that the app is not good enough and do not let their children to use it to watch YouTube videos.

I did some user testing and it looks like many parents get stuck during setup. They try to use search, see that all results are locked but don’t know how to unlock them. I’m going to improve initial user experience and make it easy to unlock channels.

2 thoughts on “Key Metrics July – October 2017

  1. Hi Pavel,

    Acquisitions are certainly up since mid- September – what happened around that time? Marketing campaign?

    All the best with the product!


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