How I configure Windows XP

Here’s how I configure Windows XP:

  1. Remove Internet and E-mail from Start menu. Right click on Start menu, select Properties | Start Menu tab | click Customize button, uncheck Internet and E-mail. I use keyboard to start web browser and email client.
  2. In Customize Start Menu dialog select Advanced tab. Turn off My Music, My Network Places, My Pictures, Set Program Access and Defaults. I use Far Manager for file navigation so these items just clutter start menu.
  3. Add Administrator to Welcome screen. In Registry Editor, open
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList. Create DWORD entry Administrator, set value 1. Normally I’m running as normal user; to install new programs I log in as Administrator.
  4. Turn off search with the dog. Open Explorer, click Search button. Select Turn off animated character. Whee! The dog is gone.
    Click Change Preferences, then Change files and folders search behavior. Select Advanced and click OK.
  5. Use Windows classic folders. Common tasks pane is too fancy for me.
  6. Set List view as default mode in Explorer. Select View | List menu. Then go to Tools | Folder Options | View tab and click “Apply to All Folders” button.
  7. Set advanced Explorer settings:
    • Display the contents of system folders – on
    • Hide extensions for known file types – off
    • Use simple file sharing (Recommended) – off. I know how to share folders, thank you very much.