Idea for my business

Idea for my business is quite simple: web gallery for wedding photographers. Here’s how it works:

  1. Photographer uploads photos after the wedding.
  2. Friends and relatives view photos. Some of them order reprints generating extra money for photographer.
  3. Photographer pays me a monthly fee.

How did I come up with this idea? I was looking for an idea for my own software product for a long a time. Then, in one of the books I read an interview with Joel Spolsky where he recommended creating a niche product. As an example he suggested creating a photo manager specifically for wedding photographers instead of photo manager for everybody. And I thought to myself: heck, that’s not a bad idea, I’ll try to execute it.

Surely, there are other products that do the same thing. This doesn’t stop me. If my execution is at least half-good, I should get some clients. I’m aiming at creating a small Italian restaurant on the web, not a global chain of fast food franchises.

2 thoughts on “Idea for my business

  1. Pavel
    Keep it going mate!
    Can I offer to meet for lunch and build your idea up based on a ‘business model’ perspective.
    I reckon your idea is excellent.

  2. Might work. In fact, anything might work as long as you put enough effort into it.
    But I’ll play a bad cop and ask:

    – Why wedding only? Is there going to be something specific that makes your site suitable only for wedding photos?
    – What will make your site not a comodity? In other words, what will keep your customers from switching to other such sites with lower costs?
    – Does such market exist? If it does, what are the major players? Their strenghts and weaknesses? If there are no competitors, is there demand for such a service? It’s possibe that nobody needs it.

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