Improving Copy on Premium Subscription Screen

I hired a copywriter to improve the text (copy) on the Premium Subscription screen in Safe Vision app. Before: After: I think Lianna from Punchline Conversion Copywriting did a great job – thank you very much Lianna! It looks like the conversion rate didn’t improve much though: Conversion rate is number of people that started trial premium subscription […]

Improving User Onboarding in Safe Vision app

I made some changes to improve user onboarding in Safe Vision app. Now the app asks the parent to unlock channels based on age range first and then prompts them to add channels to the Home page: (click for a larger image) *** I conducted more user testing sessions using website and I’m happy to report […]

How I Tripled the Number of Sales

I released version 25.5 of Safe Vision app in the beginning of July with these 2 changes: Parents are now able to choose to pay to pay monthly for the premium subscription ($2.99 per month). When the premium trial finishes Amazon starts charging money automatically, unless the parent cancels the trial. Before Previously the premium trial […]